LCB ( is an independent directory and reviewer of online casinos, offering players quality insight into the reliability of online casino sites as well as offering the most exclusive bonuses and tournaments for its members. LCB just recently acquired Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD), a top authority and keeper of a watchful eye of the best interest of affiliates. The goal of the acquisition is for LCB to use its years of experience in the gaming industry to protect affiliates, as this goes hand in hand with protecting player’s interests as well.

LCB will continue to operate Affiliate Guard Dog as is and has many ideas to provide helpful tools for fellow affiliates. The previous owner and founder of Affiliate Guard Dog, Andy, has created a credible site that was built upon solid principles to support and protect online gambling affiliates. The site provides up to the minute information on the latest affiliate programs as they enter the market, who has predatory terms, when affiliates are paid, news of the industry and more. Open forum discussions help affiliates to see how operators function with the good, bad and ugly all highlighted.

Within Affiliate Guard Dog, affiliates, management of casinos as well as casino representatives can come together within the forum to engage in open discussions on a variety of topics. One feature of AGD is the Platinum Certified Programs. With this program, there are tough qualifications in place to earn certification, which includes non-predatory Terms & Conditions, timely affiliate payouts, quick response time as well as operators not being involved in rogue casino activities or spam.

As far as rogue casino activities are concerned, a Rogue Programs list is included at the site which provides a description as to why the operator has been placed on this list. Information is provided from staff members as well as affiliates as to how misconduct has taken place. A guide is also provided to assist affiliates in who they should avoid doing business with.

By passing the baton to LCB, it is the ideal takeover for a variety of reasons, including the watchdog approach the site already maintains. At LCB, the main goal of the site is to educate and provide awareness to players. Gamblers need to be steered in the right direction in order to avoid any issues with casinos and LCB’s Rogue Reports provide all this information. Based on their core principles, they have taken one step further by expanding their network to assist fellow affiliates alongside players.

The vision of LCB for Affiliate Guard Dog is to preserve the site that Andy created and continue to see it grow by using new helpful tools. Andy will stay on to assist and offer his expert advice to keep the site as a ‘go to’ source for those involved in the industry. You can see Andy’s goodbye and comments on the sale in the AGD forum.

LCB network acquires Affiliate Guard Dog

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